Students learn how to use a program called Adobe Dreamweaver after learning basic HTML coding. Students work each class to update the USD 329 Web Page ( when needed. Students also are learning how to do basic videos in iMovie. They will be creating a website for a business later in the year.

Web Page Design

State Competency Profile

Computer Applications 1


Ø     Demonstrate your understanding of fundamental Web design principles

Ø     Become a skilled and creative user of Web design technology

Ø     Offer constructive feedback to improve your own and other’s sites

Ø     Design your own web pages

Ø     Use Adobe Photoshop as a tool to creating web pages

Ø     Use Adobe Dreamweaver to create web pages

Ø     Understand and manipulate HTML

Ø     Update and modify the WHS website

Ø     Be creative!

free templates
Make a Free Website with Yola.